Christmas Collection 2018

Please see below for information on CCP’s Christmas 2018 collection below. If you would like to order something, please see prices in the order form at the bottom of the page.



This year I am offering the usual custom cakes, but am also offering a standard range that includes a traditional wreath cake and a fun reindeer cake. Everything is made from scratch to tried and tested recipes and are delicious.

You can choose from a traditional fruit cake, a white chocolate mud cake or a dark chocolate mud cake.

The fruit cake is packed with fruit – currents, sultanas, raisins, cherries, oranges and lemons soaked in Brandy. The cake is also ‘fed’ more brandy in the weeks prior to sale. It is first covered in marzipan before being covered in fondant and decorated per the photos. If you prefer it undecorated, that option is available too! This is wrapped in muslin and tied with a festive bow.

If you’re not too sure about a traditional fruit cake, why not go for the chocolate (white or dark) mud option. A dark rich moist chocolate cake or a sweet moist white option, filled and iced with lush dark chocolate ganache for the reindeer cake and filled with white or dark chocolate ganache and then covered in fondant for the wreath cake. Add an extra flavour to your ganache to make it more festive by infusing it with orange, peppermint or Christmas spices.

If you do want your cake decorated or flavoured differently, drop me a message and I’ll get back to you with a quote. Standard cake prices can be found below.


Sizes available – 6 inch (15cms) diameter to serve 12 dessert / 24 coffee portions; 7 inch (18cms) diameter to serve 15 dessert / 30 coffee portions and 8 inch (20cms) diameter cake to serve 24 dessert / 48 coffee portions.

Fruit cakes are approx 10cms tall (decorated) and mud cakes are approx 13 cms tall (wreath) and 16 cms tall (reindeer).


These are great as a gift – choose individually wrapped cookies or a box of 4. Gingerbread cookies, iced with royal icing and including a bow so that they can be hung from the Christmas tree. Colours can be as above or in pastel pinks and blues.


There is nothing like the taste of a traditional home-made Christmas pudding. Packed with lots of fruit and alcohol, the recipe I use is rich and hard to beat.

Steamed or microwaved on the day, it’s great with cream or brandy butter.

Each pudding comes in a reusable glass bowl topped with festive fabric. There are a number of sizes available – great as a gift!

Fruit cake orders close 30th November , other cake and cookie orders close 15th December or until fully booked!

Orders will be available for collection on 22nd December

Please use the below to place your Christmas orders. Full payment is required on booking and an invoice will be raised on receipt of this form.