Flavours & Fillings

All cakes and fillings are made from scratch (no packet mixes here) using free-range eggs, 70% cocoa solids chocolate and dutch processed cocoa where applicable. If you are after something different, please ask and I will do my best to accommodate your request!



Vanilla Sponge – A classic, light fluffy sponge, flavoured with a hint of vanilla.

Chocolate Sponge – Another light fluffy sponge, great for younger children as it’s not too heavy and gives a great chocolate flavour that children love.

Citrus Cake – Based on our vanilla sponge recipe, flavoured with oranges, lemons & limes instead of the vanilla. You can choose your combination or go with just one flavour.

Red Velvet Cake – Delicious light and moist cake with a chocolate flavour and a rich red colour.


Dark Chocolate Mud – A rich, dense and moist full flavour chocolate cake.

White Chocolate Mud – Flavoured with white chocolate, it has a beautiful sweet white chocolate taste.

Caramel Mud Cake –  Flavoured with white chocolate and golden syrup for a beautiful caramel flavour.

Citrus Mud Cake – Opt for a white chocolate or dark chocolate cake, combined with orange, lemon or lime (or all three) zest and juice.

Jaffa Mud Cake – Dark chocolate mud cake infused with orange zest.


Dark Rich Carrot Cake – Made with walnuts, sultanas, coconut and mixed spice for a depth of flavour, this has the consistency of a fruit cake, but remains moist. Based on a Gordon Ramsay recipe, this is a personal favourite.

Coconut Cake – Packed full of coconut flavour, this is a delicious tasting cake.

Fruit Cake – A traditional fruit cake packed with fruit – currents, sultanas, raisins, apricots, cherries, oranges and lemons and includes cognac. The cake is also ‘fed’ more cognac in the weeks prior to sale and is also the base for our Christmas Cakes. If you want an alcohol free version, just ask!

Gingerbread Cake – A lovely spicy cake, that is great around Christmas time.


I offer either a buttercream or ganache filling for your cake.

Ganache is a mixture of cream and chocolate and is a rich and decadent filling that works well with mud type cakes. It can be flavoured in a number of ways – just ask!

Buttercream is a mixture of icing sugar and butter (traditional American style). It is a very traditional filling and again can be flavoured in a number of ways.


The icing on your cake, depends on the design you choose. I offer the following types of icings:

Buttercream – Can be used to pipe a number of designs to add texture and depth or to create a smooth surface. It can be coloured in a whole spectrum of colours and flavoured as discussed above.

Ganache – This can be used as a smooth icing or whipped for a rich icing on cupcakes or cakes.

Fondant – Great for a smooth even finish and for modelling with. Available in most colours and flavoured either chocolate (only certain colours) or vanilla.